INERO™ barrier put to use in Jönköping flood

July 2013

After several weeks of sunshine, parts of Jönköping were hit by massive rains on 26 July. Nearly 60 mm of rain fell in just one hour! The downpour was so heavy that it led to flooding in several parts of the city.

Ryhov County Hospital was hard hit by the flooding. The northbound lanes of the E4 motorway were closed for nearly ten hours. Several shops in the two shopping centres, A6 and Solåscenter, had to close because of flooding.

Jönköping’s Fire & Rescue Service were on the scene right away. They expertly assembled the INERO™ barrier to divert the flood, then used pumps to remove the water. The Jönköping Fire & Rescue Service has been using INERO™ barriers for several years, and have already had several opportunities to benefit from the barriers they keep on hand.

Watch a news clip here:ämning-och-strora-problem-efter-skyfall-i-Jonkoping

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