Inero barrier – flexible and agile versatile

May 2014

We have recently received several queries from customers asking whether the Inero barrier can be installed on uneven ground and slopes. The answer is that it works just fine – the Inero barrier “follows” the ground and is very flexible! 

Inero flood barrier is flexible and follows the ground

To more clearly illustrate the barrier’s flexibility, we assembled several metres on uneven ground, see photo above. Since the barrier sections weigh very little (only 8 kg per section of the H80), they are easy to carry to the desired location. The quick connectors make the barrier sections easy to put together. After this, you assemble and mount the support legs, which can be positioned at different levels depending on the requirements of the terrain. Corner sections make the barriers even more flexible and responsive. In the photo below, we have used two corner sections to ensure adherence to the ground – one outer corner section and one inner corner section.

For further information, see the installation instructions on our website:

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