H55 to stop and control flood waters

April 2015

Together with Medelpad’s Rescue Services, Inero has conducted several tests on redirecting flash floods with the low Inero H55 barrier. Test results show that the barrier is highly effective at both stopping and controlling water flows.

As heavy rainfalls are likely to increase, more and more customers have identified the need to redirect flash floods.

After being called into action many times in connection with sudden downpours, Medelpad’s Rescue Services identified a need for a barrier to handle flood waters. Inero worked with the organisation to conduct several tests with its compact H55 barrier, which did a great job of redirecting the rushing water. After a successful trial, Medelpad’s Rescue Services decided to invest in the H55 barrier in order to be prepared for flooding. The addition of corner sections gives the barrier a dual purpose, allowing fire brigades to build up a basin to serve as an extra water tank for fire extinguishing in the event of wildfires.As the name suggests, the barrier stops rising flood waters up to 55 cm high.

flood protection barrier against streaming water patented quick connector

logistics Barrier as a pond

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