Flood Protection barrier - Product improvements

July 2017

Inero continuously works to refine and further develop its products (…. the product range). With the new H50 barrier and the updated H80, H100, H150 and H180 barriers, including the new storage system, Inero is now well prepared for the international market.

The barriers are calculated, simulated and functionally tested by independent third parties institutes.

There are some main advantages with the Inero barriers:

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Ergonomic and user-friendly
  • Stable and resilient system
  • Smart logistic solutions
  • Developed with respect to the environment

The new H50

The new H50 mobile barrier

In particularly we want to highlight the newly improved barrier H50. This low barrier has been specially developed for quick action at lower water flows up to 50 cm. The unique feature of the H50 is that its sections are made in a single piece, without any loose parts. The barrier can be used on all surfaces, and is suitable for stopping slowly raising water or flash floods. The new H50 barrier is manufactured by Magnelis, a new, extra-resistant steel sheet, made to handle a tough outdoor climate. The material fits this low, compact barrier.

A new crate in galvanized steel (1300x900x1000 mm) holds 100 meters of complete H50 barrier and can be stacked on top of each other, four in height. Packed in the steel boxes, a 20 ‘ container can hold a full two-kilometer H50 barrier.

As an example the former H55 barrier has been used in Sweden, by the Fire brigades in Jönköping County as well as in Medelpad.

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