A proven flood barrier

Nov 2015

We had an independent third party test the functionality of our H100 barrier and provide a testimonial. The Wasserbaus Institute and the Hamburg University of Technology subjected the barrier to full water pressure. Their tests were based on three standards: the British PAS 1188, the American FM Approval and the German BWK

Tests investigated the barrier’s stability, leakage, user friendliness and impact resistance. All tests were run four different times at each of four different water levels (25, 50, 75 and 100 cm).

The end results showed that the barrier not only meets, but surpasses the stated requirement of no more than 40 litres’ leakage per meter per hour. The test also found that the barrier stands stable at full water pressure at a level of 1 metre and even when overflowing. Next, the barrier passed an extended-time test (over 22 hours), proving how effectively the barrier stops long-term flooding with very low leakage.

Finally, the barrier’s stability under impact was tested: Two different logs, weighing 225 and 400 kg, were pulled into the barrier at a speed of 20 km/h. The H100 barrier, fully loaded with 1 m of water, stood stable both during and after the test without showing any deformation, proving that the barrier can resist great stress from floating objects.

These tests confirm that the Inero barrier more than lives up to stringent national regulations for flood protection. Inero’s barriers are designed to meet exacting demands with a wide safety margin. 

Illustration of Inero mobile flood protection Flood defense

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