Large Regional Field Exercise ”IPA FLOODS – VARAŽDIN 2017” in Croatia

Oct 2017

During the week 9-13 th of October more than 500 professionals and experts, from twelve countries*, were involved in a large Field Exercise “IPA Floods in Varazdin, Croatia – 2017”. The exercise was organised by the Croatian Civil Protection together with the initiative takers of the IPA Floods project. 

During the exercise, teams from seven national civil protection authorities tested their Inero mobile flood barriers and high capacity pumps donated from the project. Two teams from Germany and Italy connected with their High Capacity Pumps.

The first day the teams were working on different spots around Varazdin. During that day the teams were training to build the barriers, how to connect the barriers between different teams and how to protect important installations such as power stations and pumping stations. The last day the seven teams, together with the teams from Germany and Italy, worked together at the same site, along Lake Varazdin, building a large amount of barriers and installing their high capacity pumps. All together, the teams built 1200 meters of the Inero barrier. This time the sun shone during all days and all teams involved did a great job!

* The following countries took part in the project:


The Italian state company Studiare Sviluppo in cooperation with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, the German THW, the Italian CIMA and DPS and the Slovenian URSZR and finally the Croatian Civil protection.

Also the following organisations took part: the Croatian firefighters, Police, Non-Governmental Organisations and Medical Services


Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey.

Flood defense ready for floodingFlood barrier assemble in water

Flood protection barrier along water Barrier with water pump

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