Flood Barriers, Australia Pty Ltd- Exclusive Distributor for Inero in Australia

Sept 2013

Inero goes to Australia

"Inero has recently taken an important step in planning to expand its international activities to Australia, a country which is notoriously affected by severe floods. The annual flood costs for damage and rehabilitation regularly runs into hundreds of millions of dollars. Due to the vast expanses and distances, as well as the administrational demarcations between Federal Government, States and Territories and Local Governments preventive mitigation action steps arevital. Permanent infrastructure upgrading in the form of e.g. permanent levees are very costly and restricted by funding allocations.

This has accentuated the need for temporary mitigation such as portable flood barriers, which incur a fraction of the cost of permanent protection, but can still be left in place for long periods and therefore often can offer superior cost/benefit ratios.

Flood Barriers Australia Pty Ltd

Flood Barriers Australia Pty Ltd (FBAPL) is an Australian company which has been deeply involved on the front line as a main distributor for temporary mitigation since 1999. Dealing directly with the various Emergency Authorities and State and Local governments, as well as with commercial and private enterprises, FBAPL has been responsible for the procurement and installation for thousands of meters of portable flood barriers. These projects have varied from the supply to and protection of whole townships in conjunction with the relevant authorities, to the arguably largest such single commercial installation in the world, and to use for damming up works on e.g. water canals by Sydney City.

A company with experience

The company is therefore well placed to act as Exclusive Distributor for Inero in Australia. FBAPL is a private company whose proprietor and CEO is Captain Harry Mansson AM . At one time he was drafted to assist the World Bank as expert consultant for infrastructure in Asia. He became Chairman for the International Cargo Handling Association (ICHCA), Delegate to the Stanford Research Institute's Roundtable, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Transport, Member of the Australian Company of Master Mariners, Member of the Floodplain Management Association (FMA) and various other institutions. His company has received several international  and Australian industry awards. He was given The Order of Australia in 1997.

FBAPL as highly respected in its field, and Harry was nominated to be the Opening Speaker/Presenter at Australia's first National Flood Forum in 2011 . He has  as well  given  presentations at many flood conferences and occasions in Australia and in Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, etc. Harry has studied and worked with flood projects internationally also in the UK and Sweden as well as all over Australia"

Portable Pumps

FBAPL is also the Australian Distributor for the portable Bjorn Pumps of Sweden. A pump that can process 3,000 litres/min. or much more if required. It can operate on land as well as floating on its pontoon version. Click here for further information.


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